— Interior Fit-Out
— Turnkey Projects
— Planning and Building Design
— Project Management
— Architectural Detailing
— Electrical & Lighting
— Air Conditioning (HVAC)
— Pre Engineered Building (PEB)
— Construction
To achieve our vision of being the most preferred Interior Design Company. We are committed to provide the best and most personalized services in the industry. Our success is attributed to the relationship we share with our customers.

1 Response to “Services”

  1. 1 sajid
    August 29, 2011 at 12:59 am

    nice work shahe, i have seen the pics of your projects, good job. i have suggestion.. you haven’t posted your team on the page. and i eager to see your workshop and setup of your design and development studio. one more suggestion, why dont you add some adv. on your site of your suppliers? who is updating this page? who ever it is, doing good job. and by the way who is fabiha aslam? i have never heard of her from you. is she a web designer? i have a some projects in south india. specifically in kerla mountains. i have been asked to design cottages in the mountains of kasrgod. i have to the site. they are not sure, what they want to do, rental real estate or free hold. i think it will take sometime. if you are interested in promoting this project, specially if they want to sell. i think we can make some good numbers there. as you know my brand is registered Avanti technical services L.L.C. now i am working on my studio. i dont know how much time it will take, but it will be dream factory where any design can be executed. try to concentrate on exhibitions and specially on exhibition stands. it is in designing stage, i am targetting for coming financial year. and there is lot of other stuff i have done this year. there is one more thing about TIS (Thermal insulation system) me and my people are trained in this system and i worked it on conference hall of atlantis hotel dubai. but officially i cant use that project in my profile. because it is through some other company. this reason i am posting all this, is that i am in mood to share this stuff with you and i found this page infront of me and you know me how lazy i am … what ever it is we will meet soon.. but shahe u started max in 2006 and in 4 years you did very little. i was expecting lot more than this. come on brother i know you and remember the target you have achieved. 1million dirhams policy to one single client. i was expecting something big from you brother. good luck. just do it.

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